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Bullet Racer: 3D, Customizable, High Speed Racing | The Second iOS Game from KILLTIME

Create YOUR Racing Machine And Aim For the Fastest Time!

2013/05/18 (iOS Game Overview) BulletRacer by Hagu

2013/05/17 Finally on sale! Download it free for the three opening days!

2013/05/16 Added second teaser to the Videos page

2013/04/15 Added Videos page

2013/05/14 Game submitted for app store approval

2013/04/15 Customizing system is complete!

2013/04/15 Official site remodeled

2013/04/15 Teaser movie uploaded, Partner Recruitment begins

2013/03/22 Development begins

The controls are easy! Only two buttons!

Steer by tilting your iOS device left or right. Touch the right, red button to accelerate, and the left, yellow button to activate your special ability!

The rules are simple! Hit all the checkpoints!

Head for the checkpoints! Pass through all of them, and the course is cleared. Use the navigation arrow and the red rings to guide you to the next checkpoint.

Earn winnings by finishing races!

Earn money by finishing races! Keyword being "finishing." Keep your energy up for a cash bonus!

Infinite customization! Create your own unique machine!

Use your earnings to customize your machine! Build the ultimate racer switching out five different parts. Switch out "Bullet" core parts to try all of their special abilities!

Go where you want to! Find your own secret shortcuts!

So long as you hit the checkpoints, you're free to roam where you want to! Use the various special abilities to find your own secret shortcuts!

Participate in world rankings for bigger bonuses!

Log into the Game Center and enter the worldwide rankings! Sneak past your rivals' times to earn bigger bonuses!

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