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Bullet Racer: 3D, Customizable, High Speed Racing | The Second iOS Game from KILLTIME

263,538 Possible Combinations! Aim For the Top With Your Own Design!

In Bullet Racer, earnings collected from finishing races can be used to customize your racing machine however you please.

In total, there are 263,538 possible combinations.You can customize five components: the Bullet, Base, Front, Side and Rear parts.

Each part has its own stats. Depending on what you pick, the traits of your machine, such as speed or handling will change.
The six basic stats include Accel, Max Speed, Brake, Handling, Stability, and Max Energy. Each Bullet part has its own Special Ability.
Additionally, certain parts have hidden functions.


The "Bullet" is a central part of your racing machine that decides its Special Ability.

There are several types of special abilities.
Here are some of the representative types:

Booster: Consumes shield energy to provide a powerful boost in acceleration and speed. The first Bullet you'll drive in the game comes equipped with this fundamental ability.

Charge: Redirects power used for stability, allowing you to "charge up" a boost in speed. Naturally, charging makes turning difficult, but the ability does conserve shield energy.

Energy: Generates a peculiar field which allows you to restore your shield energy at any time. You can use it to safely navigate courses with numerous obstacles.

Glider: While airborne, deploys variable wings that allow you to slow your descent. Deployment also fires simple rockets to provide a brief boost in speed. The rockets require a certain amount of shield energy for each firing, but they allow you fly faster and further than would otherwise be possible.


The Base forms the chassis of your machine.

Switching out Bases will greatly affect stats such as Max Speed, Handling, and Stability.

Also, certain Bases have special qualities based on their grouping.

Four-Tire Group: The standard chassis. With fast Acceleration, Max Speed, Handling, and Stability, they are all very easy to use.

Tank Group: Although lacking in Acceleration and Max Speed, their Handling, Stability, and endurance are unmatched. Furthermore, course obstacles have no effect on their shields.

Hover Group: As these Bases float slightly above the ground, it's difficult for them to take damage from falling or rough terrain. However, their relative lack of Acceleration, Brake, Stability stats and such require a skilled driver to control.

Front / Side / Rear

The Front, Side, and Rear parts are equipped just as you might imagine.

They lack the special qualities Bullets and Bases possess, but they can have a substantial effect on your racer's basic stats.

Try finding combinations that balance out the stats of your machine.

About Basic Stats

Accel: Increase this stat to reach your Max Speed faster. A high Max Speed matched with low Acceleration means you'll find it difficult to maintain your maximum speed.

Max Speed: The higher the number, the faster your machine can go.

Brake: This stat affects how quickly you slow down after releasing the accelerator button.

Handling: Affects how quickly you can turn your machine.

Stability: Also known as grip, this stat affects how much your machine will slide while turning. This stat also affects how responsive your machine will be while turning in mid-air.

Max Energy: Primarily reflects the endurance of your machine. Hitting rough terrain or obstacles will inflict damage, using up shield energy. Also, certain Special Abilities will consume this energy. When your energy level hits zero, you are forced to Retire from the race. If you feel your machine is too weak, try looking for parts that increase its Max Energy.

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