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Bullet Racer: 3D, Customizable, High Speed Racing | The Second iOS Game from KILLTIME

In the year 21XX...
The masses hunger for new entertainment.

Advances in science have produced the "A.M.M.O." drive,

a device capable of transporting anyone anywhere at extreme speeds.

Cars and airplanes are now things of the past.

But the humble vehicle still exists to satisfy those who still recognize

that the journey is just as important as the destination.

Imagine the amazing speeds could we achieve with the use of AMMO!

The merging of AMMO and vehicle produced machines shaped like bullets,

and a new passion was born.

For somebody went and said...
"My 'Bullet' is the fastest of them all!"

The "bullet race" to be the fastest had begun!

*A.M.M.O.<Anti-Matter Modulating Orb>
In the 20xx decade, humanity faced the onslaught of mysterious spaceborne "cubes." (DynamicOrb)
These "cubes" were impervious to all but one weapon: the dangerous archeological relic known only as the "Orb."
Controlling the Orb proved difficult, but by projecting energy fields to take advantage of the Orb's unusual inertial and elastic qualities, humanity finally found a way to destroy said "cubes." In the aftermath, reverse engineering the Orb produced findings, such as AMMO, that would eventually launch humanity into space.

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